The Boy Who Grew a Tree Blog Tour

We need more books like this one- short enough to be enjoyed by children reaching out for more but packed with well written characters and a relatable plot structure. Any age will enjoy this story and take different things away from their reading.

At its heart, it is about a young boy dealing with changes at home and those feelings of worry and uncertainty over a new sibling. It is also about the importance of stories and libraries and protecting the natural world. So much is rolled into the shorter format but it packs a punch in terms of emotions, empathy and understanding.

Timi, our main character, is shy, observant and inclined to protect small things like seedlings. He displays an inner courage by visiting the out of bounds library to nurture this tiny plant and watch it grow into something more impressive than he could have dreamed. He finds his voice when faced with older children and shows them kindness which they in turn will want to share back.

The sense of community leaps off the pages as parents join in to save the tree and library and this is a poignant and wonderful part to the story. I read it in one sitting and imagined sharing it with younger children who would understand Timi, share a sense of wonder in nature and would love stories and libraries as much as I do!

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