I am Nefertiti by Annemarie Anang

Written by Annemarie Anang, Illustrated by Natelle Quek, Published by Five Quills

This beautiful story features young Nefertiti as she boldly joins a new band. Excited for the opportunity to play and share her skills, she meets her band members. Miss Potts, the band leader, says Nefertiti’s name is too complicated and shortens it to “Nef”. This shrinks Nefertiti and she loses the beat and her stature, feeling minute and unrecognised.

I think many of us can relate to someone misusing our names or talents and making us feel tiny. The joy of this story lies with Nefertiti’s understanding of who she is and the power of her name, as her Dad constantly reminds her, “You are Nefertiti”!

What a powerful story to share with younger readers. One that will promote, not only a love of music and playing together, but a respect of others and who they are. This diverse cast of characters is as joyous as the instruments they play.

The illustrations are divine, bold and colourful, almost moving in time to the music! Clever illustrations that show the emotion of Nefertiti shrinking inside so it becomes clear to the reader how she felt. Great for building empathy and understanding.

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