A Superpower Like Mine Blog Tour

When my son was very little we loved watching Dr Ranj on CBeebies. We could hum along to the tune and loved his charisma and charm on screen. I met him once in Covent Garden and he was so kind and considerate. Perhaps those are his super powers, along with empowerment and medicine.

In those incredible story, Femi and her Dad are learning what it takes to be a superhero. It isn’t always what you see on the outside but what traits and characteristics you have on the inside. While thinking of family and friends, Femi realises that everyone around her had a special superpower that she can learn from.

On top of this engaging and empowering story are the bold, bright and colourful illustrations by Liam Darcy. A truly diverse set of family and friends represents normal life for most children and celebrates the differences and amazing qualities of the people surrounding Femi.

This would be perfect for reading in an assembly to a school full of children who may just need reminding of how super they all are! Super heroes capture the imaginations of children but it isn’t their strength or invisibility that we want for our children, it is their kindness, imagination and courage!

It is a joyous and heart warming story, one that I will read and share time and time again.

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