The Accidental Stowaway by Judith Eagle

This is an exceptional novel with mysteries, stowaways and surprises woven together in a thrilling escapade on board the RMS Glorious.

Patch is a parcel passed from one relative to another until there are none left. Her mother ran away when she was little, her father passed and Patch never feels wanted or loved in the way she should. She does have exceptional experience and knowledge that help her out in pretty well any situation. From roller skating to etiquette and plenty in between. She is a character who loves adventure, thrills and people and one who will endear herself to the reader.

When Patch meets Turo, a young seaman, they form a quick bond that turns to daring adventure when Turo steals a plate of toffee and the pair end up running from the police. Patch is determined to find Turo and the roller skate she loaned to him. Boarding his ship and hiding in a lifeboat seems a good idea until the ship pulls out of Liverpool harbour for the crossing to NYC. A thrill of excitement runs down Patch as she looks forward to 5 days of freedom and doing her own thing.

What Patch doesn’t count on is being discovered very quickly by Lillian, a young passenger on board. Lillian is travelling without her parents and finds it lonely so when she discovers Patch, she is thrilled to be part of the adventure.

Their adventure will lead them to discovering another stowaway, a gang of thieves, but also a sense of belonging both have been craving.

This story is fast paced, exciting and full of surprises. Judith Eagle has a true talent for leading the reader down just the right path. I was hooked and wanted to devour this in one sitting but there was something so wonderful about savouring the last few chapters to ensure I was ready for the ending, which was as brilliant as the beginning.

Secrets and truths will out on this journey across to NYC and advice to the reader…read carefully and savour those moments!

Patch never felt truly wanted after her parents were gone but now it is as though she has found a family, just by being herself, which was always discouraged in previous homes. By helping she meets, she has proven herself to be worthy of love and family. She gains the loyalty and trust of those around her and they will come to her aid at the blow of a whistle.

Extraordinary storytelling!

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