Mia and the Lightcasters Blog Tour

What an astounding story! It certainly hooks the reader in early and grips them tight as the story very quickly unfolds into an exciting and magical adventure.

Mia is at the heart of this story and she is the hero we all love, one who doesn’t have the confidence but who the reader knows is just the right person. Her confidence has been knocked and she must learn to trust herself and her abilities throughout this story. As you read, you can’t help but cheer her on.

What Mia must face in the Reaper King and Reapers is terrifying and I was so pleased to be reading this on the beach in broad daylight! Is it any wonder she is worried…but she is not alone in her battle. She has good friends, strong family and the Umbra!

The villains are true and dangerous but as always in the brilliant world of middle grade literature, it is down to the children to become the heroes of their story. In doing so, they allow the reader a chance to feel that power and courage in their own stories.

Reading Janelle McCurdy’s author note at the beginning is a wonderful way to start the book. As you read, you know this is a work of heart and has been an important chapter in her life. She draws on herself, her experiences and her hopes in this book and that comes across so clearly.

I am already ready for more from this author and series!

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