The Grumpus and his Dastardly Dreadful Christmas Plan by Alex T Smith

So pleased to be part of this festive story blog tour! Every day, a brilliant blogger has shared a festive story they love. Today is my stop and I am happy to share my thoughts on Alex T Smith’s latest masterpiece, The Grumpus and his Dastardly Dreadful Christmas Plan.

I have always been a fan of Alex T Smith and the wit, charm and exuberance he uses as a writer. Reading The Grumpus, there are elements of word play that will delight the adult reader while the younger reader simply enjoys the story.

In this festive, sure to be classic, The Grumpus has had enough of merriment, frosty air and fun. He is determined to walk to the North Pole to stop it once and for all. What The Grumpus doesn’t account for are rabbits, Eunice and Pearl and a weird feeling under his jumper.

You can imagine, as you read, that things may not go exactly to plan for The Grumpus, Capital T, Capital G but there are certainly some wonderful surprises coming his way. As always, the illustrations are colourful, festive and charming. Not sure what I love most- the writing or the illustrations but I do know Alex T Smith is a talented man!

Even his own Christmas decorations are superb- do check them out on Twitter and to keep up to date with his glamorously named chickens and many diva doggies!


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