Once Upon a Hillside Blog Tour

This is the third compilation of stories I have read and loved from Zephyr books. The first I read was Eight Princesses and then The Girl who Talked to trees. All interlinked in some way, the stories within each book are brilliant and filled with illustrations you can get lost in.

Once Upon a Hillside is a more historical set of of stories branching from 6000 years ago to a more modern age. Each story features a child with natural curiosity, a desire to learn and the joy of being free to explore. The same hillsides, meadows and wildlife have changed over the years but the joy of discovering nature have remained.

As you move from each age and story, small historical links are found, clues to the past and previous tale. Whether it be a piece of flint, a broken figure or etches in the bark of a tree, there are small clues for the reader to find joy in, as they remember past children and their adventures.

This would make for a beautiful gift this festive season!

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