Picture Book Perfect

I seem to have lost a bit of my reading and blogging mojo in amongst the busyness of the end of term. With one day left until the holidays, I am determined to spend quality time with the books below. These will then find their way into the library for others to enjoy.

Colours, Colours Everywhere by Julia Donaldson and Sharon King-Chai, Published by Two Hoots
I loved Animalphabet and Counting Creatures so seeing a new book from this dynamic duo, I was thrilled. Imaginative and playful, the design of each book is a masterpiece. Interactive, young readers will delight in the peek through and fold out pages and use of colour throughout. Step into one girls paint pallette as she creates a world of colour featuring blue frogs, pink flamingoes and orange flames, building a story with each additional colour. Imagine reading this rhyming story and then providing a tray of paints, blank paper and a brush. Imagination can stretch a long way with books like these.
Timid by Harry Woodgate, Published by Little Tiger
I have seen so much love for this book across Twitter and I must admit, it is all true and so worth a read. Gorgeous illustrations bring this colourful story to life as meet Timmy and their shyness and fear as represented by an invisible lion. Making a friend in Nia, Timmy begins to hope that they could perform in the school play and make dazzling costumes together. When the lion makes an enormous appearance just before the show, it is wise Nia who makes Timmy re-think the perspective on their lion. A heartwarming and joyous story, perfectly suited to help build confidence in the reader.
I want the Moon by Frank Preston-Gannon, Published by Templar Books
This is a remarkable story with rich illustrations that hint at vintage while firmly placed in the modern. A spoiled boy grows into a spoiled man plagued by the one thing he was never given- the moon. He works his staff hard, flattens homes and buildings and ignores the people, all to build a “Get Moon” machine. When he finally grasps the moon, determined not to let go, another tries to have it too. Their fight has disastrous consequences for the moon. It is the children who come to the rescue! A great message to address greed and the supposed happiness of the wealthy.
Home is Where the Heart Is by Jonny Lambert, Published by Little Tiger
This is a beautifully told story of friendship and belonging. The illustrations will make you smile and the story will fill your heart. Bear moves to the “wild old wood” and meets his neighbour Hare. They soon become close friends. Bear nurses Hare through an illness and when a storm brings Bear’s house down, it is Hare who welcomes him home. Being as different as they are, there are moments of frustration and fights. When one big row forces them apart, they realise that home is where they are, not the home they live in. A stunning story to read aloud and share with children of all ages.
A Pack of Your Own by Maria Nilsson Thore, Translated by A.A.Prime, Published by Pushkin Press
The worst thing about dog is they sniff each other’s bottoms and this does not appeal to the dachshund in this story. He prefers coffee and crosswords to some of the dog pack antics but he is keen to fit it and make a friend. On one visit to the park, a dog spots him and follows him home to learn more about what he likes. Though they are different, this poodle teaches the dachshund that different can be good and friends do not have to be the same. Delightfully illustrated, the dogs leap off the page and I adore the decor of the dachshund’s home! Brilliant and fun!
A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends by Philip Waechter, Published by Gecko Press
The joy of a spontaneous summer day with friends is captured perfectly within this book. Raccoon needs to borrow eggs from fox who needs to borrow a ladder from Badger. And so the story goes as each friend offers help to the next and an adventure follows. From a walk to blackberry picking to a swim in the river, these friends have spent an entire day together enjoying the company and choices made. When evening draws in, they set about to the jobs began earlier in the day and they do them together! Glorious illustrations will have the reader dreaming of their perfect summer day with friends (and warmer weather)!
The Bear and her Book, There’s More to See by Frances Tosdevin and Sophia O’Connor, Published by UCLan Publishing
I was captivated by The Bear and her Book and to see a sequel equally as captivating is wonderful. Bear feels the need to roam again, with her trusty book safely stowed for all sorts of encounters. Making more friends along her way north to find a bear that looks different, she helps to heal a musk ox hoof, solve a whale’s spouting problem and reassure a moulting moose. When she finds the white bear, they share time and the trusty book together until Bear decides she needs to go home. Gifting her book, she says goodbye but a surprise will find the reader at the end! Joyous and beautiful!
Shine Like the Stars by Anna Wilson and Harry Woodgate, Published by Andersen Press
Assurances are given to readers as they enjoy this poetic and stylish ode to nature and all we can learn from it. As you read each page and view the ever changing but stoic forces around us, you are encouraged to take deep breaths, feel connected, be confident and to know yourself. The author draws on the importance of connecting with the natural world and the healing power of nature and time. The illustrations are divine and will ensure all readers take a closer look around them. I love the pages at the end that take the familiar sayings and explain them in the context of the book, “ray of sunshine”, “tide and time”, “silver linings”. We use these often and this is a brilliant way of introducing them to young readers.

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