Greenwild by Pari Thomson

Puppy kept me company while reading!

What an astonishing story…

Daisy and her mother travel the world while her mother writes investigative reports for newspapers. She is clever and has a wondrous way with plants. Daisy is always in awe of her mum and begins to notice some strange things about her. When her mum decides to take a job in the Amazon rainforest searching for the story of kidnapped botanists, Daisy is sent to a boarding school as it is deemed too dangerous.

A dismal, cantankerous matron hates Daisy on sight and the two weeks of her stay are fairly miserable. When her mum fails to collect her from school at the appointed time, Daisy is told that her mother was killed in a plane crash in Brazil. Overhearing a few worrying conversations, Daisy knows she must escape the school and head to Kew Gardens, where her mother assured her that help could be found.

Daisy’s travels around the world have certainly helped her to navigate and figure out clues but she is still wholly unprepared for slipping into another world, one where botanists weave green magic and are revered for their powers.

Daisy is taken to The Roost, home of the commander, Artemis. She controls Mallowmarsh, one of dozens of Greenwild places around the world, where seeds, plants and vines are grown, protected and nurtured. A place where exploring the world is encouraged. A place where Daisy does not entirely feel a sense of belonging.

There is much to see and learn and Daisy will need to draw on all her strengths, listen to her gut and find her inner greenwild, as there will be a battle to fight and a mother to find.

Utterly astonishing and one I might need to reread again! Daisy is a brilliant character, determined, hopeful and loving. Her new friends offer the support and kindness she has been missing while travelling. Her new kitten Napoleon is as fierce as a lion and as cute as a button, travelling around on her shoulder or wrapped up in her sweater.

A wonderful story of finding family, friends and yourself.

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