Let’s Stick Together Blog Tour

Written by Smriti Halls, Illustrated by Steve Small, Published by Simon & Schuster Children’s

Bear and Squirrel are two of the most endearing characters and this series goes from strength to strength. We first met them in I’m Sticking with You and they immediately became favourite characters to introduce to young readers. Their size and personality differences make them the ideal friends.

Let’s Stick Together is the third in the series and this story features a party for their friends. Squirrel’s exuberance and spontaneity are evident from the first page, while Bear is a bit more reticent and cautious, though he follows along with the plan.

The rollicking rhyme and excitement pop off the pages as you read it aloud and young readers will likely want to throw a party as well.

What I love is when Squirrel feels a bit shy, Bear is there to help and reassures Squirrel that they fit together like cookies and cream, butter and crumpets and movies and popcorn. It’s such a sweet story and readers will love seeing more of Bear and Squirrel and their adventures together.

Pick up a copy today- perhaps the entire series! You won’t regret it!

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