Flock Horror by Jennifer Killick

The undisputed queen of MG horror has done it again! Club Loser are back and though they are constantly looking over their shoulders, their friendships have strengthened and their determination to stick together is brilliant.

The humour and friendships between the members of Club Loser is amazing with emerging feelings and identities coming to light in this book.

This time, the threat against them comes from the skies…in new and terrifying ways. Think mass murmurations, dive bombing magpies and seven huge vampire creatures, thirsty for the blood of our intrepid Club Loser.

The group are also dealing with issues beyond their control, things that are impacting their families and overall safety. Gus has new meds, Angelo’s parents are being investigated by child services and others are finding their parents in trouble in other ways. Surely this isn’t a coincidence but the diabolical plans of the creepy Latchitt couple!

I know there is another to come and I for one cannot get enough of these thrilling, terrifying tales!

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