Vivi Conway and the Sword of Legend by Lizzie Huxley-Jones

Vivi is leaving Wales and moving to London but before she goes, she feels the pull of the nearby lake. It has been calling to her for days and she finally goes early on her last day to swim. When she dives down she finds herself faced with an afanc, a mythical creature Vivi knows from the stories her Mumma has told her.

Finding help from a huge dog and a young girl, Vivi latches on to a sword and fights the afanc before being dragged to safety from the water. What begins here is Vivi’s connection to Nimue, another mythical story character, one who controls water, a magical skill Vivi now has and can use in her everyday life.

Starting at a new school, Vivi is worried and nervous. Her previous “friends” were not good to her and through her autism, she didn’t understand or realise just how bad things were. Meeting Chia and discovering Dara, the girl from the lake, and Stevie, Vivi treads carefully but is honest about her traits, needs and differences. Luckily for her, each of these friends are different, unique and special- they all connect through these differences and their acceptance is a beautiful thing.

Part myth, part quest and all heart, this is a story of friendship, acceptance, belonging and adventure. These kids are tough, inventive and courageous- taking on mythical creatures as part of their normal day. As the first in the series, I can safely say, bring it on. I want to be part of this unique tribe who love unconditionally and fight hard to stop King Arawn from getting his grips on the human world.

There is so much more to this story than I can share without spoiling its brilliance! Just be sure to head to the bookshop on the 1st of June to get your copy!

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