The Immortal Games by Annaliese Avery

What a fantastic story. Mortals between the ages of 13 and 19 are chosen to be “tokens” for each of the 12 Gods in the Immortal Games. These are deadly, with only one winner. One person who has watched their 11 competitors die drastically and horribly. However, to be chosen is perhaps one of the greatest honours. Ara has been training since her sister, Estella was killed when she was chosen by Zeus, six years ago. Ara has vowed revenge if she gets chosen. Her best friend and potential love interest, Theron is at his last chance before he is too old.

Both fierce, determined and strong, the two will compete together as they are chosen. Theron, token of Zeus and Ara, token of Hades.

What follows is an incredibly interwoven tale of Gods, mortals, fates and monsters. The Gods watch the games as their entertainment, while the mortal tokens watch each die horrible deaths until only two remain.

They have battled three headed sand snakes, dagger feathered pterippi and birds with dangerous beaks. All causing injury, exhaustion and an uncertainty of how to carry on.

Ara is battling internally as she falls in love with Hades, scorning the relationship that had been blooming with Theron. She is also battling the need to avenge her sister’s untimely death and the domino effect this would have on all the Gods.

I was completely immersed in this world and felt each knock, death and hardship as though I was a competitor myself. I had to read it in one sitting, unable to leave Ara and her world.

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