The Lonely Book by Meg Grehan

I have been discovering the magic of a verse novel recently and find myself enjoying the succinctness of the words, the exactness and the meaning expressed in so few.

The Lonely Book is set in a bookshop, with two mums and two children. All 4 of them pour their love and hearts into the store and customers. A little bit of magic is added in the form of a stack of books appearing every morning, waiting for their reader to be found. It becomes a fixture for the family to find the right person for each book.

However, one day a book gets left behind and it causes chaos in the family and shop. The magic seems to be changing, becoming more bitter than happy.

Annie, the youngest in the family believes that sharing the magic with the world is the right answer but no one else agrees and is worried about what would happen. Over time, this book remains in the shop, though the spine is broken, someone has read it.

As days and weeks pass, the worries mount and Annie struggles under the weight of so much fear. She can see changes in her mums and sibling as well.

When the book’s owner is finally discovered, the bookshop celebrates in a joyous, flying books display and the family see the honest truths.

A book based on truths, acceptance, love and being true to yourself. I absolutely loved this story and know it will have a real impact on many readers.

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